Superior Taste.
Always Fresh—Never Stored.

Whether you're heading to the beach or gearing up to explore Delaware's great outdoors— we're ready for your summer adventure.


Our ice & water systems do not use expensive and complicated Reverse Osmosis (R/O) that require holding tanks, robust drain systems, costly membrane filters, and waste water in order to make water. We use a Five Stage Filtration System from Everpure, one of the most recognized brands among food service operators. This is the same system that was developed for McDonald’s™ to insure their soda and coffee taste consistently great all over the world, no matter the water chemistry.

Why Choose Water32 Ice

Water32 is committed to providing the purest ice and water made available by our ecofriendly innovative vending system. Here are just a few of the reasons to choose our machines!


Large Capacity. Smallest Footprint.

Coastal Water & Ice machines produce 1,900lbs. of ice per day and have a 550lbs. storage bin offering 2,400lbs of ice per day

100% Contactless Ice Dispersement

Our machines disperse both with a sophisticated contactless disbursement system ensuring that the only person touching the product is the one who purchased it!

Superior Taste. Always Fresh

Water32 Ice uses the proprietary Everpure® 5 Stage ULTRA water filtration and is made right on the spot.

Environmentally Friendly & Green

Save plastic and the environment. Our machines are one of the best on the market for delivering superior water and ice, while reducing the environmental footprint.

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