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Width45 in.
Depth55 in.
Height96.5 in.
Weight1600 lbs.
Electrical Requirements208-230 volt / 30 amp
Storage Capacity550 lbs. of ice
Water Volume Per Vend0.025 gal. – 5 gal. (Adjustable)
REQUIRED HOOKUP½ in. Water Line, ¾ in. Drainage

Why does Water32 use five stage ultra filtration and how does it work?

Our ice & water systems do not use expensive and complicated Reverse Osmosis (R/O) that require holding tanks, robust drain systems, costly membrane filters, and waste water in order to make water. We use a Five Stage Filtration System from Everpure, one of the most recognized brands among food service operators. This is the same system that was developed for McDonald’s™ to insure their soda and coffee taste consistently great all over the world, no matter the water chemistry.

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